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A Global Solution to Spring Hangers & Supports

We are sourcing from a leading manufacturer of spring hangers, supports & accessories. Over the past 36 years the factory has supplied to major power plants, refineries, nuclear installations & process industries in India & several International projects.

PHS About


Privilege Pipe Hangers & Supports


The plant is Incorporated in the year 1984 under the name and style of Myricks Piping Systems (P) ltd to manufacture state of the art Pipe Hanger & supports equipment in India with technology from Support Technology & Products UK.

In the year 2000, we signed a joint venture agreement with Pipe Supports Group UK to manufacture the “Pipe Supports” range of hangers & supports and upgraded to the latest technology. The company was renamed Pipe Supports India (P) Ltd.

The joint venture came to an end in Jan 2010 having completed its stipulated 10 year term and the technology was fully absorbed.


The renamed factory, ‘Pipe Hangers & Supports (P) Ltd - PHSPL’ was incorporated in January 2010 with its unique brand identity. We are enhancing the technology and introducing new products in the near future.

We use state of the art technology, modern manufacturing methods, latest software, computer systems, CNC machines etc. to deliver a competitive, cost-effective high- quality product.

We are highly focused on timely delivery and on time response to client requirements. We provide after sales support including responding to site emergencies during erection and commissioning.

PHS Range


Privilege Pipe Hangers & Supports

A. Constant Hangers & Supports

B. Variable Hangers & Supports

C. Pipe Clamps

D. Rigid Struts

E. Structurals

F. Pipe Base with Slide Bearings

Constant Pipe Hangers
Constant Hangers & Supports

The Constant load hanger uses the Bell Crank Lever & helical spring mechanism to provide a constant supporting force over its entire travel range.

Frame sizes 1 to 8 provide a max supporting force of 35,000 kgs with total movements up to 750mm.


PHS Quality

Quality Control

We have a fully staffed Quality Control department responsible for the Quality of the finished product confirming to domestic and international standards.

Manufacturing Standards commonly used:

  • Quality Control Manual

  • BS3974 - Specification for Pipe Supports

  • MSS-SP69 - Pipe Hangers and Supports, and steel fabrication

  • MSS-SP89

  • ANSI - B31.1 - Power Piping

  • ANSI - B31.3 - Petroleum Refinery Piping


Pipe Hangers & Supports has setup a full fledged documentation center with the latest scanners, photocopiers etc., for producing final documentation to third party inspectors, consultants and clients. The market has moved to an electronic format with more clients requesting CDs in place of hardcopies. This helps to protect & save our environment.

Quality Assurance

PHSPL employs a highly skilled team of designers, engineers, production, and marketing experts within an ISO 9001:2008 quality framework.

Our offices and production facilities adhere to strict safety practices and procedures, and strive for continuous improvement, which is driven by the following Key Performance Indicators:

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Supplier Assessment

  • Delivery Performance

  • Quality Performance

On-going training, multi-skilling, and co-operation are also actively encouraged.

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