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Privilege LLC specializes in selling and transporting of building materials for Water Works, HVAC, Plumbing & Firefighting Systems.

The main activities of the company include wholesale and retail trade of building materials, and the company is heading in the strategic plan to organize its work, improve its financial resources and operational activities, and to develop its workforce.

In addition, the company is moving towards increasing the number of its products that it offers and deals with.

PSI Products (Pipeline Sealing Products)

PSI Products

Link-Seals®, Compakt Seals, Casing Spacers, End Seals, Wall Sleeves, Wall Collars & On-Wall Sleeves.

Innovative Sealing Products for Pipelines.

Pipeline Supports & Hangers (Struts)

Rigid Strut

Rigid Struts

Pipe Hangers, Steel Rollers

Dynamic Restraints

Measuring Instruments

pressure-gauge.jpg copy.jpg

Pressure Gauges

Temperature Gauges

Syphon, Gauge Cock .. etc

HVAC Duct Accessories


Flexible Duct, Flexible Duct Connector .. etc

G-Clamp, Duct Corner ...etc

Duct Flange

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